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※ JCB cards are not accepted currently.

Strawberry Coins

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About the Web Store


"Xsolla" online payment service is an authorized distributor of Hello Sweet Days's digital products.

If you have any inquiries about products purchased from Xsolla on the Web Store, please visit Xsolla Help Center or the following pages for more information.

Payments (link)

Refunds (link)

Unauthorized charges (link)

See here for Xsolla payment support (link)

How to log in to the Web Store


Even if you are currently logged in to the Hello Sweet Days app, you will need to log in to the Web Store to purchase Strawberry Coins (in-app currency).

Please log in to Xsolla with your Official Website ID generated through [Menu] > [Hello Sweet Days Official Website] in the Hello Sweet Days app.

If you haven't generated an official website ID, please generate one in the app first.

Why isn’t my purchased Strawberry Coins reflected in the app?


The coins you've purchased on the Web Store will be reflected after entering My Room. If the coins are still not reflected even after returning to My Room, please try restarting the app and check again. If the issue persists, please contact us via the in-app [Customer Support].

Additionally, you can review your coin purchase history on the [Menu] > [Setting] > [Coin Purchase History] screen.

About the coin increment in the Web Store


If a coin increment is applied in the Web Store, the product cards will display the 'remaining time' and 'bonus badge.' The coin amount displayed on the product card does not include the bonus coins; you can find the bonus coin amount in the [BONUS ITEMS] section below the product card details.

※ You can also confirm the total coin amount you will receive through the purchase on the payment screen.

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About the payment methods available in the Web Store


In the Web Store, various payment methods are available, and you can confirm the eligible payment methods on the final payment screen. Please also note that the available payment methods may vary depending on your country of access.

About the paid and free portions of the coins purchased through the web store


For coins obtained through payment on the web store, the free coins are indicated as follows:

- Bonus

- Web Store Bonus

Additionally, any additional coins obtained during the coin increment campaign are also considered as free coins.